Fundraising update

As I mentioned before I re-wrote my fundraising page. Here it is:
Fundraiser Description

(April 25, 2011
Dear friends and family,
I am writing to share some good news with you, and to ask for your help.
On August 8th I will be flying to Australia to be a part of the Walk Against Uranium Mining. We will begin the walk in Wiluna, Western Australia and spend the next 2 months walking to Perth in solidarity with aboriginal people who are opposing new proposed uranium mines.
The goal of this walk is to support those who are opposing the new uranium mining sites, and bring together different groups of people who will be affected by them. It is also a great educational opportunity to create awareness about this industry.
The nuclear industry is one that has always been dangerous and unstable. With the ongoing crisis in Japan we can see now more than ever that nuclear power is not a safe or sustainable resource.

This May marks the one year anniversary of my first peace walk. It was the 45 day walk to New York City for the NPT conference, and the walk that changed my life. I heard about this walk in 2008 from Marcus and KA, two Australians activists who had dedicated their lives to fighting social injustice. They traveled the globe, educating people about uranium mining and nuclear energy. In this last year I have met thousands of people from all over the world who believe that change is possible. I’ve spent the last year walking, going to conferences, and vigiling. But more importantly I have spent the last year exploring community and I have come to the conclusion that when a group of people put aside their differences and work together they can do literally anything they put their minds to.
In the last year I have seen what community can do, and I am reaching out to my own community now and asking for your help:

I am writing this to ask for your help in raising money for my travel expenses.

My goal is to raise 300 units of $10 by July 15 in order to secure my airfare.
I am writing to ask if you would be willing to donate one or more units of $10 each. A unit is a modest amount, but every unit brings me closer to reaching my goal. Checks can be made out to Vanessa Lynch/Australia trip. Since I only have about three months until I leave, if you are going to send a unit please do so as soon as possible. I want to have my ticket purchased by July 15th so that the price doesn’t go up.
This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I’m thanking you in advance for making it possible. While I’m on the walk I will be blogging and putting up pictures online as often as I can. That way, all of my friends and family will be able to take part in this adventure too.

Please share this appeal.
Gratitude and love
Vanessa Lynch
Thanks for reading 🙂

More info about the walk can be found at:
“‘Walk away from Uranium Mining’ is a 10 week walk through the remote desert of Western Australia. August 20t – October 31st, 2011..

This will be an amazing opportunity to connect with the Indigenous peoples who are resisting the mining companies in their area and it is also an opportunity to walk the land and connect with this very special part of Australia.”
-Taken from the facebook event page which can be found at:!/event.php?eid=139990346065407)


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