One Day

Imagine if for one day:

Every person in the world had clean water, fresh food, and a place to sleep.

One day, where everyone in the world put aside their differences and agreed to work together to accomplish one goal, no matter what it took.

One day where no one felt alone.

One day without rejection, or isolation – one day where everyone was honest with each other.

A day where every person felt physically, mentally and emotionally satisfied.

A day where people went to sleep, knowing that every thing they did that day was for the good of everyone around them.

I have been told that this is “Unrealistic”
I have heard this called “Impossible”


If such a day were ever to occur, it would change the entire course of human history.

I have experienced this thing called, “Impossible”
and I believe overcoming it to be perhaps the only real human struggle.

I have felt the feeling of being completely equal to everyone around me.

I have seen what can happen if we can put aside our own ignorance and fear and choose not to ignore
gender, age, skin color or religion
but use them as tools to better understand each other

It is for this reason that I have hope in the people.

It is for this reason that I believe in the power of the Revolution

It is for this reason, that I am a Peace Walker.



[in response the question, “Why do you walk?”]


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