Yesterday I failed my road test

My aunt put some of the pictures of Saturday night’s gathering up on her facebook. I’ve taken the liberty of copying them:

bi-racial families ftw
Diverse ladies indeed

It was nice to get everyone together. My cousins Sean and Autumn were like sisters to me growing up. Us, and our brothers Jeremy, Jamie and Evan. The 6 of us all had different experiences growing up, but I wonder if they ever had any of the same racial identity questions I did.

Autumn and I have black fathers and white mothers, and Sean has a white father and a black mother. I think Sean might have had it easiest in terms of dealing with whatever it means to be mixed race.

My mom is in the picture as well. We were all together to celebrate my Aunty Trish’s birthday, as well as my fathers.

It’s funny because no one in my family really drinks, and they’re all pretty religious.

It’s funny to compare what’s normal for different social circles. There was no alcohol at my aunt’s party, but everyone still was loud and laughing and dancing and doing all of the other normal things you’d expect from a get together.

I wonder what our parties would be like if people drank.

Hah, I’m so much taller than everyone else in my family.

So there’s me on the left wearing my War Resisters League shirt and peace crane shirt for Nuclear Abolition Day.

Sean, in the middle who had cheerleading camp to teach the next day, and Autumn on the right with her shirt from Andrew’s University.
We’re all so different. It’s kind of amazing, really. I wish I was closer to my cousins. When I get back from Australia I really want to try to get to know all of my family.

Mom and Dad

I have a few more pictures, but I actually have to run.
I have to meet with an oral surgeon in Worcester today so he can schedule a time to pull out my extra tooth.

Apparently, there’s an extra tooth in my jaw encased in the bone which leaves my jaw extremely vulnerable to being broken.

Only to Vanessa Lynch.



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