Mallet finger

We spent most of the day yesterday at the temple working to get up all the furring strips for when the sheetrocking crew comes on Wednesday.

I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling a bit crappy and haven’t been working nearly as much as some of the other incredible volunteers, but I am certain that the walls will be ready by Wednesday.

We have had a good crew the last few days, Guru Karam, Christian, Tim, Palma, Tow-bee Shonin, myself and even Kato-Shonin has been in the new temple drilling and chiseling away at things every day.

Its so much nicer working when there’s a crew of people instead of just one or two. Things seem to run more smoothly.

I am constantly trying to get more young volunteers to come work with us. I met two young men the other day who had come to visit, and gave them each my business card. I definitely feel like the closer we get to October, the more people we will find to take part in building the temple.

I hope so. My biggest disappointment in life right now is that I am going to miss the inauguration.


I stayed at Chieko’s house last night so
that I could come with her early this morning to head over to Mashpee for the powwow. I think its a rather appropriate way to spend my 4th of July.

Christian is heading back to NY today when the work day is finished. I hope I will get a chance to see him again before Australia.

Speaking of Australia — I spent a few hours online last night trying to find out the cheapest way to get to Perth. Chieko was suggesting I go to Japan and then Australia. I would absolutely love to, but it might be about the same price and a million times more complicated, so we shall see.

I talked to both Ammon and Jim today about the trip.

They are currently doing the Sacred Run for Leonard Peltier and other prisoners of conscience. Apparently…

(Chiekos back, more later)
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