I have such an incredible amount of things to do tonight and tomorrow, but coming to DC was so worth it.

I met such beautiful people from the LW3 and I hope to stay in touch with all of them.

I hate typing on this phone, but I want to briefly mention five really memorable conversations I had.

I want to write up one brief story from the last fe days, but so many equally important ones come to mind.

How can I mention one and not the others?

Talking to Harry at Arlington cemetery and listening to his spontaneous reading, riding back with Charly and learning about her restaurant in Key West and her life, watching the DVD from Australia
with Larry, sitting on the front steps of the dojo for hours watching fireflies talking to Ray about the purpose of life, listening to Craig play the flute so beautifully and hearing the story of the flute’s origin and the woodpecker and the Powwow where he almost got the magical flute, talking to Ellen about Canada or Hague about South America or Dennis about Japan or Komishta-Shonin about India…


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