G-Vegas Shows Support

Last night was my going away party.

A few friends and I got together and they basically tried to tell me I shouldn’t go to Australia 😛
I’ll miss you too, guys!

It was a nice night but I went to bed somewhere around the after 6am area and woke up at 7:45.

Tim and some of the monastics are coming to pick me up at 11am so I had to be back here and ready.

Fun fun.

I’ve decided I can’t stay on the walk right now. I’m too exhausted (which doesn’t really mean anything) but I have some insane last minute stuff I have to do here that I have to wait around for.

I got a haircut yesterday at Cory B’s in Gardner and am going back there on Tuesday to pick up some dry shampoo.

I told Cory about the walk and how I won’t be able to wash my hair too much and asked if he had any recommendations. I’m excited for this dry shampoo and am hoping it works.

Originally I was thinking of getting my hair braided for the first month or so, but I don’t want it to turn into crazy dreads.

I am also waiting on the book from Harry Goodwolf Kindness who I had a really great conversation with in the parking lot of Arlington Cemetary in DC last weekend. His book is one of the few I am bringing to read in Australia (Bruce’s Organizing Notes is also coming with me).

And my tickets for the bus to Cali are coming in the mail, so I have to be here to continually check my PO Box over the next few days.


So yesterday I bought my walking shoes, socks, sandals and a really thorough first aid kit.

It was nice too, because I was able to do most of my shopping in Gardner and I got really positive responses everywhere.

John’s Sport Shop the place where I bought my sandals and a pair of socks is a local sporting goods store in Gardner. They are taking part in the 3/50 project, a project that aims to get people shopping at the stores and diners in their neighborhood. It’s a really cool idea, and when I told the ladies in the store about my peace walk they donated a t-shirt for me to wear.. I’ll be reppin Gardner in the desert!!

I also stopped at the Mount to return two library books and had the great fortune of running into Janice O’Conner, The Director of Public Relations at the Mount. I walked with her to her office and briefly told her about my upcoming walk to Australia.

She was excited to hear about the work I have been doing, and said she would love to write up a story on me and the walks both for the school and the local papers, and is going to have people follow the journey so that when I get back and do my talk people will already know what I’ve been doing, and will have had a chance to stay connected and really know what I’ve been doing.

It was a really great meeting. She introduced me to Sarah McMaster who’s the Assistant Director of New Media at the college and maintains the facebook and twitter.

I gave Sarah and Dana my card and a quick run down of the walk.

Their responses were overwhelmingly positive, and I’m really excited to see how the people at the Mount react to the story and my presentation.

I’m really excited to work with some old friends from all different the Mount, it’s like all the different organizations I represent are finally somewhat coming together.

So that was my completely unexpected meeting that happened because I was returning my library books (Christian was right, Go To Your Libraries!) that got me a community back here who’s going to be staying in touch.

Hooray for Community and Hooray for support!

But I digress. I have all of those things to stick around for, but I also have all the paperwork to work on with Yusuf, which is really a main priority. And it’s insanely stressful because my laptop is not working which makes getting any kind of work done about 35% more complicated. I’ve been feeling so homeless without it. That’s how I do everything. I’m like a mini office and can just get things accomplished.

But without it… aah. Well, I am hoping to have it fixed before Australia. Or get a netbook or something.

So this is where I’ll leave off for now, I s’ppose. With so little sleep I am starting to question my sanity, and about to go off for another day of Adventure.

Tim should be here soon, and Matt and David are coming to Boston for the afternoon. I’m hoping to get Malcolm to come if he’s free and then I’ll hopefully spend the evening back in Gardner, continuing packing for my trip.



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