Heave Wave


It’s 99 degrees outside right now.

A few hours ago I brought Vanessa, Analia and Zach up to the Pagoda for the first time. It was a really great experience. It’s gorgeous outside, and they got to come in and greet with Kato Shonin, Sister Clare and Tow-Bee Shonin.

After I took them up around the Pagoda they were invited to have a snack at the dojo. We ate some of the juiciest, most incredibly refreshing watermelon I have had in all my life.

From the Pagoda we came back to Vanessa’s house where Analia and I took a nap until about 15 minutes ago when we were woken up by Nick (Vanessa’s roommate) who wanted to show us the deer that was hanging out in the backyard, eating grass, enjoying the weather.

It’s been a pretty beautiful day.
As much as I think this heat is unbearable and have been scheming all day ways to go swimming, I’m happy to have spent the day in this heat the way I did.

It’s hard because I’m leaving so soon for this walking trip. I feel like every time I see my friends could be one of the last times in a while, and I want to always say an appropriate goodbye, but unfortunately I’m not sure what an appropriate goodbye would consist of.

Well, Vanessa is planning to come to the Pagoda to volunteer with me there sometime this week, so I know I’ll see her again at least once before I leave.

But onto other things..

This morning I was driving with Analia and Vanessa talking to them about hiking through the desert and I shared with them something that I have noticed while trying to do research for my trip — Almost all of the information available for backpackers or hikers or people going on road trips is written specifically for men.

For the record, I am not a man.

And it’s been frustrating trying to find information on surviving hiking in the desert (as a female!) and finding a limited amount of information. I think it’s inspired me to document this trip thoroughly, and write about backpacking for women — or something.

Like what do you do with your hair in the desert after hiking for 2 weeks without taking a shower?

Not that I’m a high maintenance person, but I want tips and information that I can’t seem to find online anywhere.

So I guess I have a new project!

I got some dry shampoo/conditioner that you spray in and comb through, we’ll see how that works.

…stay hydrated!


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