Back Surgery Commemoration Part II


Home from surgery [6:30pm]

I’m home from surgery! And feeling rather awesome, if I do say so myself..

My back is in extreme pain, but I have no pain from the nerves and no numbness.. and I can’t tell you how good that feels.

I stayed up all night to clean my room yesterday and I wasn’t happy with the end result and I was just generally upset.

I was exhausted and sweltering and starving. So I jumped in to the shower to use my second dosing of HIPICLENS (or however you spell it).

We stopped to pick up my dad and then stopped at Salvation Army to drop off some bags of clothes. I was so nervous. I wanted to run back to my room and never leave. I was scared shitless.. I wanted to sob and scream and yell and bash things.. I was so scared. I was just thinking, “I love you legs, I love you bladder, Please don’t fail me!”

So on the highway I have my iPod on shuffle and I’m listening to a bunch of random music that’s doing nothing to help me at all.. Then a song by Yarina came on and I felt so much better. I went to artists to play all Yarina and for like 6 minutes just listened with my eyes closed. I felt so good.. That music is healing music.. Music for the soul!

Then a remix of the song, “No Games” by Serani came on the car radio and I turned it up and was just jammin’ out. I was smiling, and I felt so good… We were nearing the exit for the hospital, and I started feeling nervous again. Mom stopped the car at valet and while her and dad were still getting out I muttered something about using the bathroom and essentially ran to the toilets.
On my iPhone, “ABC” by The Jackson Five came on and I sang it to relax. Even though there was someone else in the bathroom. Who cares?

So we got on the elevator and headed upstairs.
It was 7:30. They got my info and told me that I was going in at 9, and I’d be in surgery until approximately 11.

they asked my pain on a 1-10 scale: 3
and my nervousness.. to which my parents both cleverly answered stupid.. things.. and I said 3, and then blahblahblah Dr. Lapinski walked up to me as I was getting wheeled up to the elevator. We went back to my room and he explained the whole procedure and that he listens to Pandora Internet Radio while he’s doing surgery. Then we went up.

I’m going to write later. because my left hand is numb and i’m tired and sloppy and this doesn’t sound good anyway.


but I’m home and fine and no nerve damage!! paxe en mediterranean


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