Au revoir, folks.

On the train to Boston with a slightly insane amount of luggage, not too much sleep and without having purchased my new ticket to California.

Daijobi des 🙂

The next week ought to be a significant one. By this time next week I will be in Australia.. Or in New Zealand, insanely close to landing in AU.

In about a half an hour I will get to Porter Station, from there (inshallah) I will go to South Station (if these bags don’t break my spine, choke me or otherwise cripple me) where I will take the 11:59 bus to NY. Once in NY I will buy a ticket to California, return my old ticket in the mail for a refund, and take the 8am (or 9:30) bus to LA.

From there I will either stay with Sawada Shonin for a few days or discover how dangerous LA really is after dark 🙂

Then, the 11th I will board my plane for Australia.

Sorry this is so dull, but its more so that people (my mom/husband) don’t think I am off kidnapped somewhere or something.

I should have bought a bigger backpack. But its too late for that kind of thinking now anyway, so I will just get ready to go, as my stop is coming up very quickly.
And you, dear friends, family and random reader, should go buy a copy Gardner News and tell me how my article sounds!
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