Tip the world over on its side, and everything loose will land in Los Angeles – Frank Lloyd Wright

10:14 pm Sunday August 7, 2011
How perfect is that quote? Currently, I am riding a greyhound bus to Los Angeles, CA! Well, not quite yet. I am going nect to Columbus, OH, St. Louis, MO and Amarillo, TX first.
I started off my epic journey last night at 7pm when I started walking with all of my bags to Liberty Pizza. I had intended on asking them for a ride to the train station in time for the 7:30 bus to NY. Unfortunately, it was the weekend and all the times got jumbled up so I ended up waiting at the bus stop until 9:45pm. At 9:45 I took a train to Boston, the Subway to South Station and lugged, dragged, kicked and shoved my bags up to the bus terminal, right in time for the 12am Megabus to NY. I was dripping sweat and probably looked insane. Oh well. On the bus I sat next to a 27 year old musician from Japan. He played guitar and bass and was on his way back home.
At 5:30 am we arrived on 7th Ave and W 28th Street in the pouring rain. Somehow when my bag got thrown my water bottle must have fallen out 😦 I mourn this loss deeply.
I picked up my bags and ran across the street down to the 1 broadway uptown train that would take me to Port Authority. At the stop, my green bag got stuck underneath a seat and I almost missed my stop. Luckily, a kind man saw my dilemma and came over to help.
Once inside the bottom of Port Authority it took me almost 40 minutes to walk upstairs to where the bus terminal was. My bag was unbearable. I would walk 20 steps and then stop. 15 then drag it. Kick it. Carry it. Put it around my neck – it was terible. At the doorway to the terminal an older black man with a cane offered to help me. I was so relieved I almost wanted to cry. As we were walking to the Greyhound ticket counter he asked for 20$. I said I didn’t have 20.00. So he asked for 10, which I gave him. I left my bags and ran to the BoA atm to withdraw the remainder of 262.00 and quickly ran back to the greyhound kiosk, where I purchased my 3 day bus ticket to LA, CA.
It was about 6:45, and I dragged my bags down to the bus gate to wait. I bought 2 water bottles + 1 bag of almonds and 1 bag of gummy bears. The sort that are “2 for 1$!” in MA. They were 5.00 each -_-. So I spent about 13.00 which was basically the rest of my money, and sat near the gate to wait.
After something like less than 3 minutes a girl near me and I got engaged in a fantasic conversation about the nature of our journeys and susequently our lives.
She was 20, mixed (like me) and on her way to visit her boyfriend in Philly who was going to propose. It was supposed to be a surprise so I told her about my wedding and trip and she was so enthusiastic to meet someone who was also young and married. She was really a sweet woman, and we talked to each other for most of the 2 hour trip to Philly until I momentarily passed out from sheer exhaustion.
She wanted me to see her boyfriend, but once the bus stopped she disappeared before I had the chance to say goodbye.
Inside the philly station I got into the (very short) line and quickly asked a group of “young people” if they could watch my bags. They said yes and I ran to the bathroom to pee and change into my jeans.
I got back and thanked them, and they got called to another line.
I moved up to be second in line behind a pretty young Indian woman who took one look at my bags, smiled and said, “Are you moving?”
I started talking to her about the peace walks and thus was the instant friendship formed between Ms. Neeta and myself. We rode together from Philly to Harrisburg and Pittsbug where she shared her wonderful lunch of daal and curd with me (which I ate with Jun-san’s chopsticks) and I shared with her tales of Christian’s cooking. We had been riding together all day, sharing laughter and swapping tales and soon, very soo, she will be gonein Columbus to visit her brother and his family.
Although my body is a bit tired and I dread carrying my bags again it has been a great day.
Pennsylvania has such incredibly beautiful mountains and trees and in Philly the gate to Chinatown is huge and colorful.
A little bit ago Ammon called and asked if I was on a bus. It was good to hear from him, and will be nice to see him (and all my fellow walkers) again so soon!
So after this stop we head to St. Louis. I am unsure yet where I will spend the day in CA, a fact which I have kept to myself for fear people will lose their minds about my safety.
Sister Clare called me today to get Marcus’ number so she could be sure to inform him of my asthma problems.
Instinctively I want to laugh everyone off, but on some level it’s nice to know people care.
I have yet to read my article (in The Gardner News) though I have been diligently searching for it all day.
I hope to see Sawada-shonin in LA, I have so much to do but… I’m on my way! peace and love -VSkillet

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