It’s starting to look like the next time I will see sleep or sustenence will be in LA, CA.


Apparently at every single stop Greyhound makes it requires it’s passengers to get out and then re-board.

While logistically speaking I can see how this would be a good idea so that the driver could rest, they could clean, and people would get some circulation going, from the point I’m at now I’m not sure if it’s something I appreciate or something I despise.

I woke up about 15 minutes ago and started trying to rearrange my carryons, because the one large plastic bag I brought broke (of course it did) and I knew once I stood up everything would fly everywhere.


I brought all of my books in what I thought was a clever attempt to cram/study before A) going back to school and B) while I had “time to myself”

I’m starting to feel like this was also something of a foolish idea.

Anyway, I reaally reaaallly have to get my email list all set up so that all of my lovely sponsors, friends, family and other random people in my community can get some more personal updates on what’s going on with this trip.


Wish me strength

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