Mission: Get to Australia

Status: completed



I arrived at Perth airport yesterday around 1:30pm local time (am on MA time) to Marcus and Ammon waiting to bring me back to Fremantle.

I feel so relieved and happy and grateful to actually just finally be here.

I’m definitely a little disoriented from all the time zone changes, but I’m trying not to let it affect me.


Also staying at the house are Lian and Mia who live here, Bilbo who’s been here to help get ready for the walk, Ammon who arrived one day before me, and John who will be driving support for the first week or so.

With Marcus, KA and little Shae that is absolutely a full house.

It’s amazing how peaceful it is here though.

With all of these people doing all these different things, somehow it’s all still just kind of laid back.


This evening as I was waiting for dinner I fell dead asleep in the room where everyone was talking and joking and preparing for supper.

The last thing I remember is everyone talking about what a classic song, “Eye of the Tiger” is, and then starting up a rousing round before passing out on the couch.
I woke up about an hour ago to Marcus, Ammon, and John still sitting at the table, getting ready to end their day.

I groggily ate some chicken and vegetable stir fry (the chicken was some kind of meat substitute) because I haven’t really been eating properly for over a week and want to stay healthy and be strong for the walk!

After my meal I slid over here to my laptop and have kind of been on the computer since. I’m now the last one awake, and headed off to bed momentarily.


But… What can I say? I really made it to Australia.

I thought I would be in more of a gloating mood, kind of ready to announce to the world that I did it “against all odds” and am feeling so awesome and on top of the world, but really I feel a kind of tired gratitude.


I feel more likely to hug everyone and weep than shove it in people’s faces.


Hermmm..>Today was a kind of crazy tropical storm thing that came up from Antarctica. It was all winds and rain and cold!

I spent half of the day freezing before I finally realized I could just wrap up in my sleeping bag and snuggle up on the couch.

Today I went with Ammon and Bilbo to pick up a bunch of food for the walk.

They have a gigantic 2-ton food truck parked in front of the house, and today we picked up probably half a ton of food for the first few weeks.

All fruits and veggies and crates of soy milk and Bragg’s and stuff.

In the beginning of the walk we will be basically completely isolated — remote, so we need to have everything we might possibly ever need to survive.

Some of the towns we are going to be walking through are complete mining towns, owned, built and maintained by these companies. They don’t even have elections, the companies are simply in charge of everything. So all of the money the people make goes right back into the company.
It’s kind of a crazy situation, and we’re ready to get a ton of opposition initially.

But I was expecting that. And I’m more excited than worried.  We have a water tank that’s like… a few thousand liters big, and we have permission to fill it up at an Aboriginal community.


KA and I were talking today and in planning this walk they had to ask permission of every Aboriginal elder in each country if we could walk through their land.


All of these walks are kind of spiritual in a way, it’s mainly about connecting with the earth, but I definitely feel that this one is going to be one of the most sacred, if sacred things can be rated.

Just.. Aboriginal culture has such a serious and intense connection to the land, with the Dreamtime and all that… it’s not just like we’re walking through their home, it’s like we’re traveling through their history and culture and the creation of all sentient life..


Needless to say, it’s going to be great.

Also, Marcus was saying that on some of the nights in order to get fresh meat some of the Aboriginal crew might go hunting and bring us back food. He said today, “This might be the first peace walk where there have been spears and rifles.”


But every conversation is just more exciting.

I feel like I haven’t been on a peace walk in far too long.

I feel under prepared.

and I feel overwhelming relief to just be here.

I just kind of shrugged it off for the last 9 months, but it’s been really kind of difficult every day hearing that this walk was pointless and meaningless and I was never going to make it here and I was going to die in the desert and I am completely crazy.

It hasn’t deterred me at all (obviously) but.. it just feels like the biggest exhale not having to explain my beliefs again and again or fight for a shred of respect.


But anyways, a friend would say that I’m being a crybaby and I need to suck it up.

Also, my feet are cold and I’m exhausted.

G’night world!

Nuclear? No thanks!

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