stream of half consciousness.. from London!

Whew, life is nonstop as usual. This is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and breathe in days.

I’m sitting alone in a small waiting lounge at Heathrow Airport. It feels so luxurious after being on a plane for the last few days. My ankles are hideously stiff and swollen, but since this lounge is my own for the moment I’m stretched out, ankles up.

The gig at Mojos the 1st was incredible. It was so good to have so many of the walkers dancing together and just.. Killing it! It’s was amazing, like we have this huge and beautiful entourage rocking up to the party.

A few bands played, an incredible funk group, Ollie’s reggae group, and Izzy and Ollie. Uncle Kev got up to do a fungus rap and was just amazing.

It was a pretty beautiful way to say goodbye.

I bought a bottle of Mt. Gay rum from Barbados and then a few of us went down to the beach for a midnight swim. We brought over the digeriedoo and guitar. It was perfect. The ocean was our background music and the lights from the Freo port and the stars were our spotlight.

We grabbed my bags, went dumpstering to get some early morning scones and went to Nez and Dylan’s for a cuppa.

Their backyard is a jungle. It was like walking into paradise. They have mango trees, banana trees, trees from south America – its endless. And there’s a beautiful story behind the house as well, because Dylan basically grew up there – it belonged to his friend and a few years back his friends mom decided to sell the house. It was advertised as enough land to tear up the trees and build a second house, but Dylan stepped in and asked if he could rent it. Its just the most amazing place, and I was so blown away by how little I knew about fruit trees. Like they only harvest the fruit twice a year. I imagined it would be like harvesting kale or some root vegetable that you just pick weekly.

It felt really good to be there, and really reminded me how much I love farming. The entire last few days have been a kind of wake up call that I can just start doing things I love again. For whatever reason, I have taken on all of these projects that belong to other people instead of starting up my own.
But anyways, I was so far beyond exhausted I could hardly speak, and all of a sudden it was time for me to go to the airport. Winnyata and Lian took me.. I am so glad it was them that took me.

Everything at the airport was rushed as my plane was leaving in like 16 minutes. I was sandy and exhausted and of course had a problem going through the security checkpoint. They started taking one thing out of my bag at a time and rescanning it. i was too worried about missing my flight to feel properly humiliated, and I told the man he could just dump it all out because I had nothing to hide and was going to miss my flight.
the man held his forefingers 3 inches apart, “you have something this big sharp and pointy in your bag.”
I assured him i didn’t, and asked for the time. He found my camping fork which i had completely forgotten about.

I stood at that awful little conveyor belt trying to neatly repack everything.
i ran over to my flight just as they started boarding.

on the plane i couldn’t really sleep, and started thinking about the family I’ve made in Australia. And because I’m super emotional and was beyond exhausted i started silently sobbing. I probably looked like a dirty drunk with sand everywhere and a stuffed up nose and cough. Hah. Well i would get ahold of myself for a minute and then remember someone else and be at it again. I fell asleep a few times momentarily, and was able to wake up in time to tell a few Qantas workers they were rad and that Alan Joyce could get fucked.

I got to Sydney and just had time to stop on the bathroom before taking a bus over to Intl flights.
(left some solidarity messages in the Qantas ladies toilet, so if youre in Sydney go add on to it).

Sydney was 2 hours ahead of Perth. So i got on a flight in Sydney at 2:50pm on November 2nd to head to Dallas, and landed at 1:40pm the same day. I am just all kinds of confused.

Anyway, so that is how i ended up here. In London. At
…noon, maybe? On the 3rd, and i head to Istanbul in a few hours.


If anyone’s actually reading this mess then i apologize. Maybe when i get back to the states I’ll have time to edit it and tell the story properly, or maybe you’ll just have to read it in the memoir 😉

but the thought that eased my mind in the plane was that i am just obviously coming back to Australia. I can’t leave my fungus family hanging, those feral bogand need me! Hah, man i love this group of people- they are just dedicated and unstoppable and gorgeous.

Like Bilbo said, its the end of a walk, but the beginning of a journey. I kind of wish mt next footstep was in WA like to many of the other walkers who have decided to stay together, but i feel comforted and happy knowing i am just an extension of that community and can help bring the US communities and WA communities together.

oh, and i bought David Sedaris’ Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk to read on the plane and it was amazing.

Alright. Enough of this madness, I’m off to explore London. Pace.

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