Top of the morn…

Top of the morning to you, Heathrow!

Last night my plans to take a flight to Istanbul went a bit pear shaped, and after some quick re-configuring and a decent sleep I’m ready to go this morning :).

Heathrow’s a bit like a labyrinth and after waiting in line at the wrong terminal and quickly taking the underground to the other terminal I was told my ticket had been suspended because I was too late.

The situation was looking hilariously impossible, but with some help, I was able to re-book for this morning.

I went to Three Bells for some fish and chips and good music, stumbled my way onto the first bench I saw and fell asleep.

I woke up at around midnight with shooting pain in my legs – I had them curled over the other cold metal armrest, a position which is apparently not the best for your muscles – and quickly went upstairs to find a better sleeping place.

I found my second home for the evening in the terminal’s “special assistance” section, the only place that had seat covers and no armrests. I slept pretty well for a few hours and got up at 4 to do some internetting!

I have to go pay the booking difference for my ticket at 5, and I figured I might as well wake up.

So, not a bad night in Heathrow.

Outside the entrance to terminal 3 the roof has the most magnificent purple lights. It’s like you’re in some sexy dance club instead of an airport.

Anyways, I apologise again for the quality of recent posts — promise they’ll get better. Someday.

If you haven’t already, check out the peace walks blog and feel free to submit any pictures you have 🙂

Breakfast and then — I fly to Istanbul!!
Ciao bella


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