iyi bayramlar!

Happy Corban Bayram!
Today is the Festival of Sacrifice. It is in honor of a story that is found in both the Bible and the Koran. In the story, Ibrahim was asked by Allah to sacrifice his son Isaac. Ibrahim brought his Isaac up in the hills and was about to kill him when the angel Gabriel appeared (in the biblical version, at least) and brought him a sheep instead. For Corban Bayram the men spend the morning at jame (the mosque) and then sacrifice a bull.

Members of the family gather together to clean and cut the bull and then it is distributed evenly into three groups. The first is for the mosque, the second is for the poor, and the third is for the family.

The head and the stomach of the bull are being cleaned and will be made into a soup. Tonight there will be a feast and friends and family will come eat with us.

Hmm.. I feel like writing in English like this is confusing my mind while I’m trying to learn Turkish, so that is all.

gule gule!


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