Conversations about Occupy

Today I had the opportunity to talk to a few ‘young people’ about their relationship to the Occupy movement. 

I was in Australia when OWS first began, and I have been really curious to see how the average ‘middle class’ people in this country felt about it then, and how they feel about it now. 

I spoke to two people, a 27 year old young black man, and a 20 year old young white woman. At different times, in different places who I had never met before. 

Both of them had trouble taking it seriously. They said they agreed with ‘the cause’ but both think it will blow over, and that the government won’t listen. The word that both of them used was compromise, they both felt like the Occupy Movement and the Government will have to come to some sort of compromise. 

Also one of them felt like the Occupy Movement was being a bit hypocritical in protesting the Government and also asking it for help.

They also felt like the Occupy groups should be doing more for the people closest to them in the community. The homeless, drug addicts, and sex workers.

What it says to me is that these people feel disempowered. I asked what it would take for them to join the movement and one of them said “for everyone to be involved”.

Also, one made the comment that if, “they got everyone to stop buying lotto tickets for the day the Government would listen. Where do they get their money from? That would get their attention”.

I feel that the critisicms of the movement are nothing to be offended by, they are chances for the movement to grow.

So I say listen to these people, occupiers. They are the “99%” and their opinions matter. 


Also, Occupy Boston is getting heat from the police. Support them, Beantowners!



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