Occupy is Back

OccupyMBTA Takes Over the State House
New Englanders came out in full force yesterday refusing to accept a 23 percent increase in fares and cuts to bus routes all across Boston.

On the 44th year since Dr. King’s death a year after his speech, “Beyond Vietnam” activists stood in solidarity with the sanitation workers of Memphis that Dr. King was working to organize years ago.

April 4th actions took place in over 27 cities in the United States.

Occupiers held a People’s Hearing inside the State House before making a train of people up to speaker DeLeo’s office and using the People’s Mic to ask for an audience. The group moved on to the bottom of the staircase near Gov. Deval Patrick’s office and offered him an open invitation to use the public transportation with the 99%, and asking him to work together towards a progressive solution.

Speaker DeLeo agreed to speak to a few people but occupiers chanted, “ALL OF US OR NONE OF US!” before heading outside to the front of the State House.

After hearing 99% stories, offering free food, and music organizers read aloud the declaration that was bring read aloud all across the country and declared the steps of the State House “Camp Charlie”, promising a physical re-occupation of the streets until April 10th, or until the decision to cut back on public transportation was reversed.

More photos at Demotix


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