paint. by V.LaRevolucion
paint., a photo by V.LaRevolucion on Flickr.

Day 2
Today Tim, George, and I scraped off much of the flaking paint and George built a small temporary filler to cover the rot/hole and make the portico sturdier.

Initially we planned on replacing the whole thing, but on closer inspection realized it would be impossible due to the small break in the curved metal pipe inside of the wood. As none of us know anything about metalworks we decided to saw it flat and create a makeshift cover.

Helen came over today to help out with some of the scraping and her friend Mike came by for a few hours in the morning.

Tomorrow we have a bit more scraping to do before we can start painting the primer.

Lewis has just gotten here, so tomorrow we’ll have another pair of hands to help out.

Kato Shonin might also take a bus down tomorrow — it should be a good work day.

I didn’t get to take part in any of the national or international protests today, but before the work day started I reminded everyone at the dojo that said actions were happening.

So that’s something.




Khader Adnan released today


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