Wednesday Witness #2

Hump Day News

I had expected this would be entertaining, but it’s just gotten a bit depressing.

This week for the Wednesday Witness:

US Gov’t wants complete wiretapping ability on your Facebook, Emails & Skype –>

Greece’s got Nazis –>

Occupy Activists accused of terrorist plot –>
This one is a bit scary, because if the Gov’t has complete access to all of our internet history and is hell bent on giving Occupy a bad name, a whole lot of concerned Americans could end up as political prisoners real soon. Maybe they’ll take a hint from Palestinian prisoners and all go on Hunger Strike.

Over 2,000 Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike,
Int’l Solidarity.
An Emergency rally was held in Union Sq. on Tuesday –>
There is an Intifada stirring in the Zionist jails –>

North Carolina comes out as Super Homophobic. World is shocked. –>


Free Syrian Army receives training in Kosovo — Civil War?
Continue supporting the Free Syrian Army –>


Karl Marx
Saturday marks Karl Marx’s 194th birthday

“Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks”


Week Two at Tedeschis
I’m starting to feel differently about my opportunity to work at Tedeschis. I thought it would be a kind of dreadful experience, working in a convenience store, but it’s a great opportunity to talk to my community. The people shopping at the store are the people who are suffering greatly from poverty and all of its symptoms, i.e., addiction, homelessness, mental instability, and I get to spend time with them all each day. These are the people that I believe the movement needs to involve, that the movement needs to make room for and listen closely to.

The only thing about my job that I really have a problem with is the Massachusetts Lottery.
Sometimes it feels as though I am not helping the people of my community, but am instead working for the Lottery.

People come in and spend hours playing scratch tickets and Keno every single day.
It gets really hard to watch.

If people win money then they spend double the amount in new tickets.

I said to my co-workers

“If we were bartenders then when people got drunk we would have a cut off limit for them. Why is it that there is no cut off limit for the lottery? It is also an addiction.”

I realize that if that were the case then perhaps these people would all go to another store, another gas station, until they ran out of money for the day, but it feels terrible and like I am enabling a massive group of people in their addiction.

Hopefully, through this job, I will find a way to better communicate with the people of Fitchburg and send them a message of Revolution that they understand.

Oh, and as a sidenote:

Living in Fitchburg I often make careless remarks about all of the crackheads living on my street. And I often laugh. Seeing these people come in every day — smelling them — seeing how they live, it’s something that I no longer find very funny at all.


I’m on a mission to find beautiful and inspiring things in Fitchburg instead of simply focusing on the trash, drugs, poverty, obnoxious college students and terrible public transportation.
On Monday, Yusuf and spent hours trekking around town. We stopped at … Stuff’N’Things (or something like that) a small, cluttered, second hand shop on Main Street. It has some gems. We were able to find a black tea set with tiny black cups (perfect for Turkish coffee) for only 10.00.

We found a huge abandoned building next to Longsjo school that used to be some kind of school or museum.





At about 3:00pm we made it to our one set destination, Coggshall Park.

We had never been, so we used the footpath on Old South Street and after some confusion (and an ice cream truck) we found our way to the lake and gazebo.

It’s a small park, and the lake is most likely man-made, but it’s a nice little area filled with ducks and geese and swans.

Despite all of the signs, families brought their children right to the water’s edge to spend time feeding the swans and ducks. It was a beautiful place.


After a nice afternoon we came back home we had dinner and watched an episode of Lost (which I used to be thoroughly enchanted with and now think is misogynistic, sexist, far too religious and often quite stupid but I watch because I’m addicted to the mystery and also there is so little on tv or even film that I can even tolerate anymore) and an episode of Misfits which is something I can tolerate and recommend highly.


So, thanks for checking out edition II of the Wednesday Witness. Sorry for the crap quality, hopefully the pictures of swans will make up for it.


Keep your heads up, comrades.
It could be much worse.


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