she said black people are embarassed of her because she’s not proud of her race.. what in the world…?

This morning as I was doing my routine facebook glance over, I found that my cousin had posted the following question:

Genuine question. This may sound ignorant, but inform me becuase I’ve been confused for years.
I realize to some African Americans I’m an embarrassment because I don’t take pride in being Black. One, I’m mixed. Slavery is over, and being half black doesn’t make me completely black, just like it doesn’t make me completely white. I say I’m grey, and I’m very grateful. Race seems irrelevant to me.

My question is this: To those of you who believe in God, do you believe that “race” is significant to Him? That God would want us to spend time focusing on it and creating an identity in it?

I would really like to understand.

Lord help me. I started scrolling past, willing myself, “ignore it, ignore it,” and I finally caved it. I know, fighting on facebook is a waste of time and energyl but I took the bait regardless.
As a mixed race person you have a few options:
Work through your own internalized racism and embrace your background, your history and ultimately yourself, or deny any of it and pretend you’re white.

My cousin and I got into a sort of discussion which made it very clear to me that she has chosen to do the latter.
In our continued conversation she made statements like

I hear more prejudice from Black’s than I do from White’s which is what I struggle with greatly. Truth be told, they are not my ancestors neither are they yours. Our father’s both came from Barbados, not from slaves in America. And, I believe that Blacks place many stereotypes on themselves in order to victimize themselves and excuse themselves from trying to be better.

Holding on forever won’t change history. But that doesn’t make it ok to then reverse rolls and look down on Whites. I believe that we continue to destroy MLK’s dream rather working toward it.In no way do believe that any group of people is better than another. Black, White, Rich, Poor, Christian, Atheist. People are people. I don’t understand the pride in it.”


‘Example: Oh, well, I won’t be able to get a job, because I’m black. Therefore, I’m not even gunna try in school. I’m going to sell drugs on the street to make a living. And I’m going to affiliate myself with gangs. Because it’s a white mans world and I never had a chance anyways. That’s what I mean when I say that Blacks place stereotypes on themselves. Maybe my wording is not correct, but that’s what I was talking about. What’s most sad, is that people often here that message from other Black folk, not white people telling them they don’t have a chance.”


Internalized racism

I don’t care what color you are, who you are, or what our relationship is. If you’re going to make statements I’m going to call you out!
You are racist.
You are a person who is suffering from a great deal of ignorance and one who refuses to accept reality.

Tell me “slavery’s over” and “god loves us all” and ignore the fact that this empire was founded on the genocide, cultural and physical of millions of people (of various colors).

Tell me the people who were and those who were not my ancestors.

Tell me I’m too light skinned to call myself black, and that black pride means looking down on white people.

Tell me I’m too sensitive, and we should keep quiet because there’s a black president.

Enough is enough.
This twisted society thrives off of silence. It relies on the silence of people, people who are afraid to speak the truth because of the overwhelming responsibility it entails.

If we want to move on, truly become “progressive” or expect to live and have honest and real relationships with anyone, we need to accept our past. We need to understand what has led us to the place we are now.

I expect this attitude from white people* — not from anyone else.

I’m sorry more people do not speak up.
I am sorry that so many people who I could consider close
I can no longer spend time with
But I will not abide this stupidity.
Buying into a lie
Pretending to be someone or something you’re not can only last for so long.

I’m over it.
But for your own sake

you might want to check yourself on all that white supremacist christian rhetoric
cuz ain’t nobody got time for that.

Originally I wanted to write a long and in depth post about mixed race identity, how society tells us to view ourselves and ask deep questions about what makes light skinned people act so crazy all the time. But.
Then I remembered that Christians are most of the time, clinically and chronically insane bigots
and that I have more important things to do than worry myself about this so I’m just gonna leave these here instead:

yay gifs!

*yeah yeah yeah, many white people try to recognize and work to stop racist patterns and behaviors, and people of color can also act in a discriminatory fashion.
before you folk start losing your minds: don’t worry white allies — you know i’m not talking about you.


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