Keep it Movin

A man by the name of Little Bear rode up to me on a pinto horse, and he had a very pretty saddle blanket. He said: “Take courage, boy! The earth is all that lasts!”
-Black Elk Speaks, The Rubbing Out of Long Hair p.92



Saturday was the Flower Festival/Buddha’s birthday at the Grafton Peace Pagoda. It was another one of those incredibly hot days we’ve had this week — probably 90 degrees but still a large crowd came out.
It was a great ceremony and a chance to reconnect with many old friends.

There were some incredible speakers at the ceremony: Kato Shonin spoke about the peace walk and how the earth is sick from our endless human greed. He spoke powerfully about Charmaine’s work and the uranium mines on the great Sioux Nation, a Tibetan monk shared prayers, a man brought a model drone with him, and shared these thoughts:

They are not being used to fight enemies, they are being used to control. To control oil resources and human labor.Image

Finally we heard from Jake Edwards who came to speak about the Two Row Wampum walk (I’ve got a video I’m working on — should be up soon) and the need to honor native treaties. This walk is going to be incredible with many people of the Iroquois Confederacy canoeing from Syracuse to Manhattan and then marching down Broadway. People will walk in solidarity, and ride on horseback along the water.

It is so good to know that while they are walking we are walking, they are going on freedom flotilla from Australia to West Papua, they are walking in France — the movement is happening all across the world for indigenous sovereignty and decolonization.. I am glad to be a part of it.

Yesterday was the Seeds of Solidarity fundraiser at Hope and Olive Restaurant in Greenfield.
There was an incredible turnout and the farm raised almost 2,000 dollars.
Some good friends came out — it was a good night.
At the event I saw Catherine who just got back from an incredible trip to Chiapas. She is doing amazing with with composting/recycling toilets and I am so excited to spend more time working with her on the food sovereignty/sanitation justice aspects of this entire peace movement. brrrrrrrraka!

This morning I got some exciting news about Thursday’s event at Food for Thought books so.. I’m just getting together last minute details for the event.
peace peace peace!

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