this week they disconnected my gas
i guess its probably cuz i ran out of cash
this week i got no phone
mmm i think i really need a loan
this week i met some monks from far away
they meditate in silence and they pray every day

wake up look around
everything about the system fallin down
billionaires they really dont care
stealing more land and they wagin more warfare
so we gotta
send a message to the youth
have em grow up
teachin them the truth
listen to the elders
they got the proof
of the total devastation if we dont stop them

move dance dance grooove
take it to the streets
the media will say, “look at these crazy, radical fools”
do it anyway, take away they tools
take away their power
that they stole
uncloud the uncertainty in your soul
they handing out bullshit
but the people eat it
then the people sleep it
then they even breathe it
tainted with the radioactive nuclides
keep livin that life everything is gonna die so

cia government funding nsa
no stoppin it
reading your emails trackin your movement
it’s not gonna stop if nobody do shit
look around you wars going on
massacring people who they don’t get along
stealin the resources penalize the peaceful
running the world on pure, pure evil so


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