Interrupting Racism

Last night at Anika’s National Liberation Poetry Tour there was a space for people to share some words/thoughts. I said this:

Community Support has the power to interrupt racism

so when I call out the bus driver who says all muslims are violent terrorists – don’t stay silent.
When these skinny white girls rock a full indian headdress and you know that ish ain’t right – tell her.
When you see that frat boy rockin a sombrero and fake mustache, ask him where he’s from.

And when people ask me daily if I’m dominican black indian puerto rican where i’m from and if they can touch my hair?

Tell them they crazy
cause i’m sick of saying it all by myself

White people have a responsibility to stand up and speak.

Because otherwise people of color are just always
“pulling the race card” invalidated silenced

People of color know how to interrupt racism – we have to do that every day.

Use your voice to help us.

I never dropped a drone on any babies and I know who I am

Don’t associate yourself with your

It will not end well.


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