an amazing but exhausting week (real post coming… soon.)

Wednesday 7/10
2yr anniversary

Thursday 7/11
After a long (and at times uncomfortable) 4 hour ride me, Chieko, and somehow Devo ended up in NYC. Chieko and I met the Professor who helped her with her thesis at Columbia and two other teachers for dinner.

Saw Christian and ranted fer hours about life.

Friday 7/12
Met Asako.
Christian and I went up to Grafton Pagoda where I was re-introduced to Dan (whaddup dewd). Had a quick & delicious dinner with Jun-san before heading down to Albany for the walk and March.

We went to the Masjid as-Salam for the program/rally/march calling for the release of Yassin Arref & Mohammed Hossain.

Walked 12.7 miles from Albany to Colonie for the first day of the “Journey for Justice
did not bring shoes. Walked in flip flops.
Nothing compared to the beautiful kids who were fasting and walking. Nothing compared to being locked in prison for years and years because of your religion. Tried not to complain.

Met beautiful, brilliant, real, down to earth stinkin rad activists.

Drove from Grafton Pagoda to Mass.
Stopped in Greenfield downtown when we saw a sign that read “Been hunger striking for 14 days now.”
Doug this guy is out there, fasting to bring public awareness to global warming.
He’s drinking water (cuz it’s been in the 90s all week) he’s having people come out and make signs. He wants 500 by the time the month’s out.

Went home.
Mom called.
Wanted to go for a swim.
Went with the mum and dad and baby bro.
Got a facebook invite to a rally in protest of Zimmerman’s release.
Realized that he got off free.
By some miracle the family wanted to come.
Went to Northampton where about 200 people came out in the memory of Trayvon Martin, calling for justice, equality and peace.

7/15 & 16
Met with some of the folks who are going out for this gallery business
drove all around the valley runnin some errands & things

just got hired

sorry for the totally terrible quality of this post but so much has been going on this last week. I was supposed to go to Maine today with Chieko and Chikako but just couldn’t do it.
I’ve just finished uploading the photos from the Journey for Justice but haven’t yet started on the photos from the Trayvon Martin rally.
all this to say things are happening
in the middle east



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