14m Day

Left St. Lucy’s Church led by Paul of Sloccum House.

At 9 1/2 miles we stopped for lunch at the Onondaga river. This is a salt river, and the Onondagas used to collect the salt. They got pushed back, factories moved in and now this is one of (maybe the) most polluted rivers in the US.

S… drove a few of us across the road to the waterfont and the parks bathrooms. While we were waiting I asked off handedly “When are we going to Japan?”

Jun san said she is not comfortable inviting anyone to Japan with all of the radiation.

“And you are married” she said. “What if you want to have babies?”
She told me a story of a friend of hers who is from Hiroshima. She was born in 1950 so 5 years after the bombing.

She grew up fairly healthy and got married. She and her husband had a beautiful baby girl. A few years later Jun san got a call. The woman had another child, “Come see my baby!” Jun san expected another beautiful baby.

The child had a cleft lip and a third eye. It’s nose was deformed and it’s heart was outside of its chest.


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