I forgot
Today the sunshine was so hot
It made me feel incredibly lazy
Pinochet, Sadaam Hussein
everybody killing in Power’s name
All the wars that gave them fame
Everyone’s soul is wasting away

It sparked a war
and opened the door for converting the poor
the sheer insanity of bombing for peace
US Imperialism took over the Middle East
and far east and south west
when they’re finished will there be anything left?

this week we held signs
“No attack on Syria”
has everyone lost their minds?

more war equals more poor
more dead more vengeance for a slice of bread
more terrorism, no peace
here or the Middle East
it doesn’t really make any sense

I was in school
playing outside when my teacher got the call
“We’ll never be the same anymore, not at all”
turn on the tv
the towers fell
anthrax anthrax in the water supply
Osama Bin Laden
so many lies

I remember
Mas’Allah to the souls in heaven

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