Preserve Our Privacy: No Drone Spying in Maine

For the 1st time in several years I am unable to make it to a peace walk on the east coast. I’m sad that I’ve missed the walk, inspired by the work of the walkers, and invigorated by conversations I have helped spark in my own community.

I was intending to attend the whole walk, then half of the walk, then the last two days, then only the vigil tomorrow at Bath Iron Works, but finally realized I simply cannot physically join this walk this time.

Responsibility feels heavy.

Anyways, I would really like to share the work of the peace walk that has just finished in Maine today:

Peace Walks

For ten days people walked against drones in Maine as part of a Keep Space for Peace Week organized by the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.

“Keep Space for Peace Week” (October 5-12 this year) is an annual event put on by the Global Network. From Sweden to Jeju Island, people are encouraged to organize events in their local communities working to stop the militarization of space – plutonium rockets and drones…does that seem safe to you?
The US currently has over 100 active military satellites and well over 2,000peoplehave been killed by drone strikes in Pakistan alone in the last decade; a number is steadily rising by the day(Reuters).

With access to healthcare, education, housing, fuel assistance and food benefits being slashed across the board you’d imagine that the US could cut simply a portion of their $680 billion dollar…

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