Get FreeTomorrow morning is Ayyub’s pre-trial at 8am.
Leaving there and driving down to Georgia for the SOA Watch with some awesome local ladies.
Planning to meet up with several peace walkers there who have been
on the “Walk in Atlanta for Immigrants Rights/Close the SOA
(Peace Walk facebook)

Photo via Jim’s FB

Photo via Jules FB: “Some interesting discussion about services at Grady and the important role they play in the Atlanta community.”

Justice For Ayyub

Last Friday about 60 people came out to the Hampden courthouse to support Ayyub but the date had been changed. We took over the courthouse for a bit and left a statement for the DA and addressed the clerk. We’ll see how quickly they move things along tomorrow
(more info: Ayyub)
Court Support For Ayyub

Undocumented, Unafraid

Undocumented Unafraid Student-Organizer-Worker Panel

Cristobal, Marco, Mayra & Bliss

Friday night was also the
“HC Immigrant Solidarity Network Presents Dismantling Our Deportation Nation Undocumented Organizer & Worker Panel”
I got a video of the presentation and hopefully will have it edited by next week.
Two videos they showed:
Choose your side
Totally amazing panel. Brave, brilliant organizers.

Help Food For Thought Books into and through its 38th year!

peace folks, will send updates from Fort Benning.
Peace & Solidarity,

I made a facebook timeline photo just for you!
Upload it with #Justice4Ayyub #DropTheCharges

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