It’s Never Enough

A Critique on Organizing In The US
& Some Experiences on the SOA Watch Trip



Left the room where Angel Berrios
was spewing out his words
you’re a brown cop?
how do you live with yourself?
Left Ayyub’s Trial and hopped in the car to head
Down South
Started driving with
My Dude, a Comedian, An artist, And A White Supremacist 
someone suffering from SCS {Stagnant Colonizers Syndrome}

23 hours later
we arrived

Columbus Georgia
Poor town
mad segregated
we stayed on the black side of the tracks
where chikafillet is sponsoring habitat for humanity
to tear down all the shacks
that were built up after slavery
dirt roads until the 70s
and some of the only work around
is in the Convention Center

Convention Center
we enter
to stand next to soldiers celebrating their winter formal
dancing next to women in ball gowns
and keith and the other black folks
pick up our trash
and sweep the floors
and mop the floors
and open doors
and direct us where to go
in small suits
and black shoes
what the fuck
is going on?

Activist Hallway
beautiful people
young people
brown people
with posters and stickers
we’re not the only ones

enter the ballroom
with its massive crystal chandelier
honor father Roy
thank you for your work
Old white organizers
ask for cash
jesuit students hand out colorful bags
and collect money
she announces that in one night
the organization has raised 3,000$
Jesus fucking christ
that’s a chunk of cash
where’s it going?
how much did it take to rent out this space?
never mind

Next morning
march with the monks
Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo
drumming to the gates
away we go
yeah it’s all good
people united
chanting for peace
i see youth, at least

at the gates
we gather
most of the organizing has come from the tradition
of church.
old white catholic celebrations
people take the stage
it’s awkward
caus no one wants to be the first to cheer

back to the center for more workshops.
Youth Caucus
such a small group
but dedicated people
cool cool cool
how to demilitarize the US|Mexico border
and work toward immigration reform
good good
next workshop

mine was cancelled

i walked in to learn about international solidarity organizing
US & Mexico & Zapatista organizing
only to find an awkward white guy
showing zapatista videos
they made a hospital
what the hell
we know that
i have youtube
what are we actually doing?!?

White Supremacist Fake Friends
Organizing Around Anti-Imperialism
Fighting for Indigenous Sovereignty
While 3 Miles Away
People Are Fighting for Their Homes
and Lives
And Here We Are
Who Had The Money To Get Here
Waiting While The Community Dusts Off Our Fucking Chairs
And Smiles
While They Take Out Our Trash
It’s too much
and I feel sick
and tired
and disappointed
Cigarette Break
connected with an old soul
saved my soul
kept me from losing it entirely

“How much money do you think it took to rent out this convention center?”
“Why aren’t they giving that money to someone in the neighborhood and hosting this event in their backyard?”
“I slept at a community center. With this money we could have bought it and left it for the community. we could have bought all the houses they’re trying to tear down.”
“Why is it mostly older white folks? Because young people can’t fucking afford to get to Georgia for a weekend! 3,000k do you have any idea what I could do with that money?”
“Well though there are more young organizers now. And the board has a north and a south committee. Demographics are changing.”
white man
“Haaaayyy! I like your hair, yours too!”
never ending

from reassuring conversations
we all see it

Kuumba Lynx
comes up
and offer their fucking soul
between the lines of genocidal existence
shaking awake the ancestors
and speaking the words that we’re all feeling<
“Soon there won’t be no government”
fucking beautiful

and this crowd
awkwardly looks around
and half heartedly claps
i’m buggin out
organizing within a confined
colonizers fucking framework how can we accomplish anything?
bathroom break

“their silence means you’re winning.”

Breathe. come back. I’m on top of the fucking world. cuz I see it for what it is.

a white girl
who sat in front of me for the whole performance
Touches my arm
and says, “Hey!! Were you one of those um spoken word performers?”
“Ohhh, okay, well i love your hair :)!”
now i can laugh
kind of
fucking america
it iz what it iz

Rebel Diaz
Rising Appalachia
Jendog Lonewolf & YaliniDream

everyone has similar observations.
Where are all the brown young people? We don’t have any money!…Whut?!?
Survive the night
Feel better
beautiful morning,

“no mas, no more we must stop the dirty wars, companeros companeras we cry – no mas no more.”

Sad sad sad.

People feel united
And moved
And we’re in it together
and people won’t forget this
and despite the war and the terror and the pain
we are still here

I want to take a bus of people from Massachusetts to DC for the SOAW lobby day & make a video with Jim McGovern
And we really are making progress
but I still have no cash
So if someone wants to throw down
or redirect some of that cash flow from non-profits
into our bus fund

Driving Down Jams | SOAW beats [en progress] | fotos

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