Reflections after watching Dirty Wars


I’ve often wondered what it would be that would make the masses rise up and revolt. The catalyst that would shake people awake and force them to change – to demand change.

I now realize that there is no singular moment because that is impossible. Revolution is not an event, it is a process.

It is a slow awakening, a realization that the life circumstances around you are so evil and backwards that continuing such an existence is in direct violation of the yearnings of a person’s soul.

The fight for freedom and justice is not a moment – it is not in attending a meeting or rally – it is the constant search and struggle for change.

It is going to take a realization and recognition that you have nothing to lose. It is facing the world without fear. Following your heart in spite of the impossible odds.

The US Government has many weapons. They have the media to constantly spew propaganda and tell people that not only is resistance futile, but also unnecessary because things are under control.

They have power in the form of the money that they have deemed valuable.

They have many guns, drones, tanks, bombs and soldiers on command.

And they have our fear.

But they are, in fact, powerless without our compliance. There are a few hundred people that make up and support the Government – but we are millions.

They have created a system that is allegedly for our benefit.

But they have nothing without us.

Each drone strike launched by the US in our name is not only an attack on another country it is an attack on our humanity. And each time we sit down and continue our daily activities as if nothing is wrong, we are damaging ourselves.

It does not actually matter if we are not acting out of fear or feelings of powerlessness – it matters that we are not acting.

This is an act of violence in direct violation of our hearts, our souls, our humanity. This act of silence and facade of normalcy makes us less compassionate human beings. We accept this outside violence, and so we are becoming violent. We kill the earth for resources, we be-little people in our community and we turn a blind eye to violence at home and in our neighborhoods because we have accepted violence as the natural state of existence.

The smallest act of questioning this violence threatens the entire system.

Disrupting this violence draws attention to it and forces people to look at themselves.

It’s not too late for humanity but if we continue on this way it doesn’t matter if we survive because we will have become so far removed from humanity that our existence will have no meaning.

What is the purpose of living in a world where rape and murder are common happenings? Who are we, then? People are not born to rape and murder and I do not – I refuse to believe – that people are inherently bad.

We must refuse this violence in our every action – with our every breath – because not to do so is in itself and statement of our complicity with this violence. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

Our silence is an act of betrayal and it is an act of violence.

This is not a world I will live in and so I intend to do everything in my power to change it.

I see so much misery and defeat and sorrow. I see it in the eyes of my family. I see it in the eyes of the workers who will never make enough money but who are not starving in the cold, so they continue on. I feel hopelessness sometimes.

But it is not enough to wish or pray for a better world, we must work to create it. And it does not matter what it will take.

Peace & Solidarity,


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