I always talk about revolution
How outrageous
I want total systemic change and I cannot even change or control myself

I often get angry at things other people do
That have nothing to do with me
Sometimes I am jealous
Sometimes I lie
Sometimes I take more than I need
I care about what other people think
I talk without thinking and answer without listening
I am not in perfect health
Recently I stopped spending so much time outdoors
I don’t know what sprouting linden looks like or what it’s good for
And I don’t talk to my family enough
I need more sleep and more hydration
Time with elders, education

When all that’s under control I’ll be ready for a revolution

Because who are we to demand change? If our lives are not perfect? Our families not set.
-But the people who started this weren’t!-
Who we are is people who feel
People who analyze
People who burn
Who turn restlessly because we know we are more than this
We know we are capable and deserve more than this
Because we say so
Because we are gods and kings and not more or less than a speck of dirt or an ant or an elephant
Because we can
Because I am



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