That’s the thing
There is nothing wrong with white people speaking about war or pain or suffering
I am not a politician I am a spiritual being
Suffering causes pain
Pain needs to be alleviated and when it is not it leads to many other problems
Bitterness anger jealousy
It hurts
It hurts when white people talk about indigenous struggle because an effect of colonization is that we have been forced and raised up and taught not to speak
We are still suffering the pain of ongoing colonization
We are all affected, yes, but we are affected in different ways..
If we don’t take care of ourselves and heal from the pain we can’t move forward
But it is impossible to do this now
How can a wound heal when it is being consistently re opened? The answer is it cannot
This is why there is talk of spaces for only people if color
This is why colonized oppressed people need first to come together and heal with each other
Because the experience of settler and indigenous is so different!

We are in a diaspora purgatory
Living in the us
Raised here speaking educated in colonized land
Not our culture
A smattering of colonized and indigenous
Earth turns
We evolve
Maybe this painful limbo
The cutoff of globalization
The memory of tradition but the practice of new action brought about by a violent disconnect from the land
From our mothers
From our methods and medicine
Will shape a new thought

A new politics
A new breed

Before action before talks before anything there must be equality

If slavery happened for hundreds of years then does it take hundreds of years to undo?
That’s reality
That’s pain
It hurts to hear white people speak with more theoretical knowledge and experience about our history than we have
But this is the power of education.
If your education is your right then take it! Fight for it.
Socialism day I


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