C I C// c ? I c。

communism is the dirtiest word
Next to cop killer
Next to Cuba
Next to anything not Christian
Not Cream colored
Not cool, crew.

Cop killer kills cops corrupting the community
Calls for black lives matter
Are seen as equated with these words:
Assassination & cop killer
We chant Assata daily
But Chris Christie needs that Cop Killer
Panther black liberation ARMY
To spend her life in jail
(While all these cops get disability checks for pepper spraying and shooting us because it stressed them out to beat us, and the gunshots that pierced our bodies, bothered their eardrums)
De Blasio prays for killed cops and calls for cooperation
In a day of silence
Silence like his response to Dontre Hamilton and the assassination of Akai Gurley

Anti communist Asian movies come out at the biggest consumer capitalist holiday
Carpe diem
Celebrate our heroes – Unstoppable in the face of a JApanese POW camp, “universal stories”
Mock the dictator enemies – The Interview is suddenly so important?
Where’s John Africa’s remake? When will theaters pick up Mumia’s movie? Assata?
Did y’all remember that this is 50 years since they murdered Malcolm?
That they been killing us for 523 years
And for 523 years whenever we fight
They cry, attack!
And declare war?

So we silent
No more



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