Team NoSleep

Finally, sunrise.
We arrived at Miami International airport at about 3:40 pm and decided to wait it out for our next flight to Barbados. It took way too much energy to write this:

Last night I had to heal my wounds, re envision, create heat and sleep. CNN was a constant barrage of anti-communist, pro-police rhetoric showing protesters ignoring the wishes of their heroic Mayor who faces hate from both sides
O mmm
Steals shoes. MIA and CNN and decolonization and I watched community again as Antonio Martin was killed by cops who “feared for their life”
Another young black man. How is this our life? how long are we going to take this? In between the peoples empowerment and our queen’s teachers I thought about mourning, but was too stuck in movement mode and just began planning next steps while CNN had over three analysts on to talk about The Interview and hardly anyone to speak about another future destroyed.
Black lives matter ///\\\\\/\/\/\/|:
And we about to be out



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