#B1M – Ichirouganaim Martin

Gem of the Caribbean
Walk – Slow
Old men smile wide to show they missing teeth
Conversation abounds
Bajan is not “BROKEN ENGLISH” it is a language
Gully yout watched by gully elders smoke in de gap
Spreading love & music
Innovation//Creation of self-sustained economy – genius
Women in big hats ask the last time ya went ta church
Everyone tells me, “she like she out her mind!”
or they show love
Gem of the Caribbean

**  **
December 23rd pm 2014 MIA Miami International Airport
Around 9:40pm? On a Tuesday
Cheeeah I got a cold! Unfortunate. I’m tired and restless and anxious.
Pacing, sneezing, photo editing – difficult to just breathe — Relax!
Rahatmisin – When we land!
Saturday two cops were shot in Brooklyn by a mentally ill man who later killed himself. It’s hella suspicious and sad. It feels intentional, coldly calculated and frightening. If the movement can be associated with or labeled as cop killers it will be easier for paramilitary forces to use excessive force to try and shut down the movement. Or they will just have people really thinking protesters are murderers – a feat which may not be so difficult because white folk are already scared of black folk, their guilt makes them think we want revenge, and they can’t accept their white supremacy. Add to this – decades of dehumanizing and demonizing movement leaders like Malcolm, put a new bounty on Assata, Leonard and Mumia are still in jail – you got a tough situation. We cannot allow our message to be co-opted. A loss of life is always a tragedy, but I almost fear more what will come next.
Anyway – we gotta tighten up.
Comrades close Informants present


**    **

Longest night
Antonio Martin
Oh, Antonio, my little brother –
I promise that I will sing about you
But I’ve been singing and screaming and crying and
marching and staring down the devil face to face
most days
and they just laugh
or lock me up
or take my megaphone
almost made it to 2015
not. quite.
@drvonskillet 2015


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