Freedom of Speech (as long as it’s nothing provocative)


And other human rights denials in the heart of empire
by Vanessa W. Lynch – Zorlu | @drvonskillet

Yesterday over 60 people turned out to Holyoke District Court to stand in solidarity with me as I went to face the judge for a ‘disorderly conduct’ charge that was placed on me on November 30 (Barbados Independence Day) while protesting in the days following the non indictment of Darren Wilson. Comrades who had been marching with me raised the $240.00 bail (set by an African woman, a hike up from the usual $40.00 due to my, “record”) and a court date was set for January 23rd.

Crisp, bright and early at 8:00am I arrived at the court house to find several of my comrades from the Western MA Branch of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) and a few from the Western MA Coalition for Palestine (WMCP) waiting outside with signs. Next…

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