you already know, though

one thing is true, misogyny is present here.
Another is true, too.
I am not the enemy.

i guess
it’s easier
to speak my name
with curiosity and malice and vilification
than the name of the one who did this to you.
I guess that because people know my name
it makes me an easier target
i guess 68 people are more interested in sharing gossip on facebook
than turning out for court support

At least I see many of you clearly now
who pretended to stand in the movement
but were secrectly waiting! and are now reveling! in an opportunity to talk about me
to speak my name
to criticize
and yet
you still
are not organizing
a single thing
for the wellbeing
of our people
and yet
not one
of you
has asked
to see if I am okay
though the police have broken into my home
and harassed my family
and know my name too
I guess
you would like to give them ammo
I guess
it’s easier than doing the real work of healing
or building bridges
because it’s easier to throw a match
than to build community
i guess
some of you are waiting
with wagging tongues
and shining eyes
to hear something negative about me
because you heard my voice too much
and saw my face too much
and you didn’t like it
I guess
you are not
who I thought
you were
but this
is not
and the movement
is bigger
than me
my comrades
know who I am
and the ones who matter
they do too
so continue
to speak my glorious name
if it gives you
some satisfaction
or closure
will continue
to fight
and to create
and to move mountains.


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