On Proving Blackness:

If race is a social construct lets think about this. Across the globe there have been people of all different shades for all of time. We weren’t “black” “white” “brown” “red” or “yellow”

We were Igbo, Celtic, Aztec, Taino, Nipmuk and Ainu.

Black and white were created as easily visible divide and conquer tools.

But white ends up representing oppression, capitalism, lack of culture, patriarchy and domination and Black then represents life, creation, survival, resilience, African, Indigenous.

So Black Pride becomes resistance and reclamation of culture and White Power becomes the antithesis of this – suppression, repression and domination.

I pray that we don’t take the dangerous turn of fighting over whose black is purest, because the sisters and brothers across the Caribbean and especially in Puerto Rico are African, Indigenous, as European by way of forced colonization through rape and enslavement.

Are we identifying blackness based on complexion and amount of melanin? Percentage of African ancestry? Are we saying this is only for children of the African Diaspora? And if we are, who are we including? Because just as surely as Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad were colonized and indigenous and kidnapped Africans came together, this happened in Borinquen.

When we work to declolonize and liberate physically, mentally and spiritually, and we come from these lineages of African-indigenous life, practice, culture and resistance, we are black, and we are freedom fighters.

I know black Dominicans who identify as white and light skinned North Africans who identify as black.

Our heritage is shared. So is our struggle. Rachel D is a confused lonely fool so this is not about white people co-opting our struggle, I have no interest in her, but when we start pointing at family from other parts of the world forcing them to prove their lineage based on complexion we are on a dangerous path.

The struggle continues.


For black liberation and restoration of balance.




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