pound. Paquag // Baquag, a Nipmuc word meaning “clear water”

so check it.

some say vv was born of maman brigitte and baron samedi but wagging tongues catch flies.

returning to that at another date – vv exists. as a little youth, vv always had pet animals, usually at least 1 dog. this is the story of the 3 dogs.

dog i
vv was at the house of the white witch, the artist, and the arsonist; learning about hellfire. wind chimes twinkled and vv jumped up startled.

in came a wagging jumping black shaggy mess.
‘he shall be called tramp.’
“she is a girl dog lil vv.”
the name remained.


tramp was energetic, to a point of annoyance. tramp ran and jumped and encouraged vv and her younger brother always to go outside. in the autumn, they would jump through leaves and meditate with Sheba, a german shepard tied to an oak tree.

many moons passed and one night there was a call from St. Audrey.
from the isle of Australia, a dingo had been shipped in and bred with a pitbull and the pups had to go silently, with no paperwork, in the night, if they were to survive.

vv looked into the eyes of a small meek golden pup and decided to care for her.

at home, vv thought of the pup day and night. v dreamt of her. and then on the birth of christ in 1998 vv was listening to NatKingCole and heard a noise in the driveway, jumping up she entered the kitchen at the same time as her mother who upon entering, placed a wriggling red stocking onto the floor and out jumped Dutchess.


vv’s sibling was also in love which vv could see clearly and so she let him believe the pup belonged to him, knowing clearly that it could never be so.
Dutchess and Tramp got along. VV would feed the dog vegetables from her plate secretly, and hook her up outside to a maple tree opposite of sheba. she would breathe deep.


at the beginning of the new millenium both dogs remained home but vv and her sibling went to the home of St. Audrey, where the most that happened, was the lights went out for five minutes. vv knew it was still a new dawn.


at St. Audrey’s vv would listen to Bye Bye Bye like a normal youth, and eventually read Harry Potter, but that was in time to come. Usually she studied Papillion, to learn of butterflies escape from prison and indigenous methods of hair removal. years later, it would appear, they made a film.


the house remained, it’s inhabitants moved.
vv noticed in front of some homes there were small white posts with black lettering.

upon inspection, they told narrow clues about the history of the town. one house was used in the underground railroad. not far from a natural spring. another was a battle ground of savages.
vv would read them every time she passed.


Originally called Pequoiag, the area was first settled by five families in September 1735. When the township was incorporated in 1762, the name was changed to Athol. John Murray, one of the proprietors of the land, chose the name because the hills reminded him of his ancestral home of Blair Atholl, Scotland. Athol means โ€œnew Irelandโ€. Early residents subsisted on agriculture and hunting. By 1791, Athol had four gristmills, six sawmills, a fulling mill, and a shop with a trip hammer, all of which were operated by water power. The Athol Cotton Factory, built in 1811, was one of the first industries to serve a market
>>> >>> >>>


The racial makeup of the town was 96.33% White, 0.65% Black or African American, 0.35% Native American, 0.42% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 0.73% from other races, and 1.48% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.96% of the population. 17.7% were of French, 14.1% French Canadian, 13.3% English, 10.9% Irish, 10.4% Italian and 5.3% American ancestry according to Census 2000.

There were 4,487 households out of which 31.6% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 49.1% were married couples living together, 12.1% had a female householder with no husband present, and 33.8% were non-families. 28.4% of all households were made up of individuals and 12.9% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.46 and the average family size was 3.00.
<<< <<< <<<

essentially, vv her dogs her family were in kansas.vv was not named dorothy though. She was named vv.

culture: Athol is geographically isolated from the major cultural centers of Massachusetts; consequently, its residents tend to create their own entertainment.

On the second week of April each year, the town’s largest event is a local canoe race named “The River Rat Race”. Thousands of spectators line the banks of the Millers River to watch 300 plus canoes race from Athol to Orange. A parade is held in the morning the day of the race, and a carnival is held at the Lord Pond Plaza
social services:
Chief among the problems are high rates of unemployment, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, and alcoholism. These have declined in recent years.

vv climbed a mountain and found two red tailed hawks.
upon her return
she shortly thereafter
received her third dog
which she called Tai
which was short for Tai Sabaki…
more later maybe bye

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