IV: a segment on sections

Yall remind i of a memory

But I’m not old enough yet to tell stories.

Don’t get caught outside, baby.

There’s real life crocodiles afoot.

Idk about Nyla, but if I were you I would stay hi in a tree where it’s not easy to find.

Blasphemous leadership takes on many forms.

Gibberish is an Algonquin word for life.

If you don’t know what that means

Am suggesting now that you run to the river else you may die of thurst 
And honey

There’s no leaving water in the desert

We have apavhe helicopters and f-16/z to make certain of that

And if this isn’t poetry then I’m not a poet.
I know – I knew then that my blood wouldn’t be enough. My salt either. My tears my sweat so I offered my voice to her who whispers at wolves but honestly? Truck engines garbled the words until all you could hear was the smell of gas. 
It’s not a story so please don’t keep up. 

There’s no such thing as a rabbit hole or maggots but the magma sounds so loud it rebuilt a pyramid. Oh, not pyrite lazuli or quartz darling. This one black like charcoal and clear like a stream. 
Nah mean?

I swear I think too loud .

I think so loud that my enemies dance on my portrait but the trick is

It wasn’t a funerary photo at all, it wasn’t a target and it certainly definitely wasn’t a trap.
It just was. 

And. Is .

And orange is the color of a food

So how bout dah?

_this is not an edit but the audience is too nervous for applause. I might sing for Valerie but I’ll dance from Dr.Brown. Oh yeah, don’t call me Queen unless you ran with me on the street, and don’t seek a remedy if you’re afraid of the dirt.
Hopefully one day this will



Until then I can only evolve


I wonder how long I will go for this time?

Do you wish you spoke my language?

Are you jealous that my eyes glow?

Do you dream of cutting my hair As if Sampson and Delilah didn’t already weather this storm? Do you fear your own soul? Do you run from the rain? Does Jesus make you feel whole? Do you think Or act? Do you respond or react? Do you know who brings the rain?

I am pretty sure you do already. 


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