When I speak the anger of a thousand centuries of pain is the note my vocal cords manage. I stay very quiet subsequently, in order to avoid much damage. I thoroughly imagined I could hold it, though recent events have prompted I to reassess this motive. Not only that, My very DNA is attempting to wage war with itself to see which color blood cells win out as they’ve become aware that some are red and some are white, not it’s a question of superiority and evolution consequently I must push on. 

I would have said prevail but out of context that word is much too formidable. So push on I have.
How lucky for men that they only have to raise the bar.➕

I’m not speaking English, that’s the power of technology. You’re reading it though, so I wish you well ah ha ha ha ha ah ha ! 
My sis told me a dream she had and now I don’t know what to believe. 

For a girl like V to survive honestly is in itself miraculous, so I will first thank the Gods for that. Nextly I will war. 

I dream until my feet get wet and my brow gathers sweat.

I dream until words come out.

I dreamuntil in the kitchen I wake up, shivering.   Around 3am screaming for a reprieve.i dream until the klan appears on 📺 in shining color for one to see. The flames burn black and white though. I dream until t,oussaint teaches me how to dance and someone cooks chicken for I. I dream until I have vision and then I work until I have a plan. From there? It’s no mans land. Means the place. Men fear to go. I already know. I was born once. How many times, I wonder, can I die?
I’m not Rasputin so please don’t try when it comes to reality but this time around I’m sure it’s going to be different.

Lemonade and 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 salt 

🍅 I write for my heart,

This entity living in darkness and tunnel vision 

Beating blood as a drum

Whose voice is so reckless

That to hear it speak is almost out of the question

So now I ask to you,

Can you hear her?

I really can’t above all the cacophony but that’s a word that’s above my head and behind my back so I really shouldn’t have brought it up at all. I did, nevertheless,  bring it up. 

So nowadays I put my hand on it

My chest

And sometimes even dare to exhale with my eye closed and axeshe 

What’s really good families?

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