If I’m thinking out loud which is sort of exactly what’s occurring then I truly believe that 
Well well that alone is a dangerous way to begin a thought, but it’s still one worth mentioning.
I feel that in writing of my ooh see? There she go again.
The post about Baba Legba was terrifying to a number of people I’m sure and the double down piece that followed it was most likely fear inducing. But crisis averted I’m here mentioning it again which means I’m giving it life which means it hasn’t died which means kudos for you, the congratulatory brand. 
Often it’s hard to keep a legend alive that’s the point of having myths.

Honestly though, if you haven’t got one to believe in then I feel bad for wunna. What fun is life without a story or two, eh?

They say maybe it’s better to not meet your heroes in person. I’m not really sure seeing as how I don’t know how one would define hero and my name is not Dwight Schrute so I won’t even try.

I do know that when it rains bones become unearthed as is a natural progression that the scientific community calls erosion.
If you or your family are experiencing erosion at this time V wanta highly suggest wunna have planted.
Swings how not meant to b writing at all

This isn’t the worst I have ✅ 


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