Peer worthy anecdotes 

Peep game I copyin Sonia Sanchez and I ain’t even read her writings yet-
But that’s just paying homage where others would pay attention.

Chapter 7

Some people’s hair is simply never meant to be cut.
Chapter 11.

The cutting of hair is a ritual. A ritual without ceremony is a mistake. Rob Roy is a corporation. If you’re quick you’ll see where I’ve been with this. If not, who can blame you.

I decided to beg into the night to tell my story but when I bought the notebook I didn’t have the gut to open it. See, to immortalized oneself in Ink is no simple approach and should be undertaken with intention or plausibly failure is. Much more strong then death. Even suicide can’t save that. Very luckily for the author, she knew it from a very young age. For it was at that age that she got her first journal and though it had no lock (an oddity it seemed) it still held much purpose, the feeling which brought with it of course much pride and responsibility.


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