Requiem over wildlife souflee

I wrote it but I rewrote it again.

interestingly enough the wildlife preserve located naught 17 miles from where I am presently located is a serene environment where natural birds can be found in their habitat alongside a creek that runs throughout the valley. No, they don’t call it a valley and they don’t call it a mountain but nevertheless, it exists.

The last time I visited it in person was well over a decade ago at this stage but it was memorable even then.

The soldier with whom I went has since recovered from his heroine addiction and for that I am glad.

Moving on, it is clear to behold that there was no reason for me to mention this escapade in the first place except to say that I was involved in a memory of something sweet and the blades of grass near that valley were the closest thing in my min’d vicinity.

A likelier story!

I should have been by the sea.

I’ve known how to swim since the late 14th century treedee. Apologies, it’s merely a joke.

Not to pause for too long, it should be noted again that this place is in fact less then 30 miles from my exact and present location which is near by to some trees and tulips but more honestly then the tulips is a bush of a purple colored flower that is certainly not hibiscus so I can not tell you what it is.

It matters not.

What mammal will survive a flood?
It was a riddle, tomorrow the answer will reveal itself because today I’ll write about the full moon in scorpio so as to save time from wasting itself.

( o ** * ..’*8)
release fears that no longer resound with yourself to make room for understanding. when energy gets trapped it gets siphoned easier. That’s no good. Make your energy untrappable. Be still and be God. It’s much easier to say then it is to embody though, so that’s what’s called a ‘fore-warning’

honestly though I am not sure why I’m here astrologiphying the obvious when certainly I could go back to critiquing or merely enjoying the art that other entertainers have clearly worked hard on so, what is the purpose of adding to the myths when already there ecist too many of them to ever know?

the truth is when you eat flesh you embody flesh so it’s better to use your proteins wisely and not just eat all food at all places at all times allw illy nilly.


now somehow this is a guide so I suppose I shall type the next bit with purpose ::

So 0 0 ——-
when preparing food mindfulness is of the utmost importance. to prepare a meal with energy that is unfocused, negative, tired, sad, rageful, hungry or upset can disrupt the process. when that unfortunate incident occurs it is wasteful because the food cannot be adequately absorbed by the source that needs it because the source will be then otherwise upset I am certain though that that information is already known in many locations. not to be outdone or offset I will continue this momentarily here it is again wait –

should be served, digested, absorbed, with the same intentionality as well.
Mainly because to do otherwise is to do willfull unintentional harm and desecration our off sign is in noticed.

THat’s my cue to break for the moment so


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