Over Simplifying Complex Matters of the

Heart; you know it. The organ that pumps the most useful bodily fluid through your veins and arteries and the shark attracter…
Also though, the stomach. Because these three really let us and the world know how we feel, ya know?

So anyways if synchronicity is “a thing” then clearly what needs to happen is just pay attention and express gratitude because that’s healing in itself, and when heart stomach brains are synced up accordingly then obviously things are going to move smoothly. 
Prophets get pinched & turned into terrorists while teachers get so tired their eyes fill up and fathers go insane.

Maybe this is just a trick but maybe I’m sparing time by utilizing the extensive knowledge I hold of the American English Language …
Who really knows?

If I fall asleep may I wake up as Malcolm X and do what Squanto didn’t.

Just joshin’ ya of course, I give white girls advice on living wonderfully and white boys a hugs  goodnight. Still they say I only see black and white, they see 48 scales of grey. I’m really not moved.

As the leading authority on I and I it should be noted that though the method is varying the art of storytelling never dies, consulted it may become, but live on into eternity it has.
Ultimately … nah I’m good I’m going fee a shower because my hair looks like a zombie and since I am not in the White House I do, in fact, have a responsibility to do something about it.

Ideally this didn’t make sense but it brought a comforting opportunity like perhaps a chance to breathe deeply or fart or secretly cuss out gods wrath or to drink some fresh water thankfully and appreciatively esp to the Japanese the Dine and the Pine Ridge protectors but more likely though it led to a Snapchat pop up add about fashion which honestly makes I just as awake so it matters naught——1————-



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