Today marks 3 years since the death of Mike Brown Jr. 

That day was a catalyst for a new era of youth led uprisings in defense of life and justice. 

Of course our generation felt the undercurrent of revolution long before his death, this day three years ago was a turning point. 

St. Lois Missouri became ground zero and what occurred over the next year is historic. 
We Charge Genocide, the lost voices, OBS and numerous political artistic grassroots organizations found voice together in the streets, classrooms, airports, and shopping centers of N. America. 

I can’t believe it’s been three years.

A part of me is in that time forever and I suppose many people feel the same. I could go on to talk about how heartless and corrupt America is but is that really what’s most useful?
What I remember is the heartbreak and outrage of a generation, one that lived through Katrina, 9/11, the “war on Iraq” the invasion of Afghanistan the drug war the crack epidemic is surviving the opiod addiction crisis and Donald J Trump as “president” of these United States. 
We invented Facebook, the iPhone, twitter FaceTime drones made solar power sexy and re-awakened on a large scale the battle for Indigenous Sovereignty. We made mumble rap. And candy crush. We demanded a society that MIA might call world town. We mainstreamed queer undocumented trans* identities and saw a hijabi under 18 given a Nobel Peace prize. We have hybrid cars and motherfucker we got Snapchat.
I’ll never forget Mike Brown or Tamir Rice or Aiyana Stanley Jones or Tanisha Anderson or Rekia McBride or Vonderritt Myers Jr. I’ll never forget Sandra Bland. Lamia Beard, India Clarke. Marshawn Mcarrel. Kalief Browder. Eric Garner.
I am so proud of my generation. And I am grateful to be a part of it.
We are the change whoever been waiting on so cheers to our future with respect to our past.

         “We gone be alright” 



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