The Practice of Barbarism

Love. Beginningly it is imperative you know the truth. 

The ancestors of your bloodline, that is to say your heritage worshipped nature, spoke with beasts, and most certainly used and believed in Magicks such as divination or visions respect for the trees and miraculous commune with higher power{s}. 

Unfortunately, due to growing communities and closer quarters lust and greed turned into accepted behaviors rather than personal flaws and concordantly desire for domination became ever more violent which led to suppression which led to perversion and so societal and mental illnesses flourish. A disconnect from land led to a boredom and listlessness and what now is regarded upon as a “sedentary lifestyle” especially in “The West” and so the actions of powerful bodies such as government formed of mostly corrupt men with a penchant for narcissism so when stirrings of unrest begat innocent intuitive led questioning of a philosophy of no soul deemed “capitalism” a bold prison system was introduced and here we are today. 

Caste systems and sick hierarchies based on the moral idea of a mostly Catholic – Christianity which Constantine spread (as rumor has it; upon the instruction of his mother) until Traditional peoples got big words such as “flora” “fauna” “nigger” “3/4” “slaves” “negro” “savage” “primitive” “whore” “witchcraft” “dark” and “criminal”, no doubt a spell called progress especially reminded in the name of manifest destiny. Finally “the sun never sets on the British Empire” and sacred shrines are called “rocks” as in “kick rocks” also -“kill two birds with one stone”. 

The drum transformed into the dulcet tones of the harpsichord/violin. Subsequently the desecration of water and minimalisation of blood and exploitation of nature’s bounty oils gems gold and yellow dust pollutes the air so that “injections” and “shots” are “healthy” and rest and solitude are called lazy depressive episodes so that before people can respond to a bird chirping or the Thunder’s growl they “police” their own actions like guards at Angola or Walpole. 

Finally over abuse of antiseptics and digested growth hormone chemicals with other synthetic dosages leave the body sluggish, dull, overactive brain people that cannot focus enough to hear their ancestors guidance.

Resistance isn’t duty, it’s survival the steeple is not an antenna to God’s station only a symbol of power. So are you.

MadameChoCho strikes again 


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