A Monarch butterfly and a brown moth, a bat flies silently and drones disgust me but like CO’s, they no longer scare me. Love wins is sweet only it assumes love is a race and that is incorrect information. Love is a purpose not a weapon and it is unending like underground springs and space eternal. Heartbreak leads us to growth so in a lot of ways, you are a cactus. Full of water medicine but to be adorned then understood and primarily handled with care. The rain is my favorite tune but the lightening used to make me jump. Do you believe inherently in flight. Noni fruit trees and wood doves in the morning. Palm trees inspire architecture. Like innovation and maps.State of mind “it’s evident I’m irrelevant to society” a mindstate, a lyric, here’s another, “perspective”. Mines not quickly accepted but it’s okay – – – – I accept myself so others don’t offend my sensibilities as much anymore. So truth is like the blind men and the elephant – your placement in life determines your outcome so place yourself wisely. If it’s not wise – move, if you can’t – be still become God and nothing should get under your skin. Honestly though in pressure charcoal, fodder for a fire, becomes diamonds the most sought after of precious stones, a gem among gems. Sand becomes glass and pearls and the mud produces rich nutrients for the lotus. Drift along the stream and behold the glories nature holds for you. Caution is nice but so is the jump. Distinctive habit….give the benefit of the doubt but don’t be foolhardy either, when you know your self. Butterflies nah get “agitated” dem just flutter. Lionesses do so don’t go dere. Fake jewelery and real concrete. Bust open the blossoms – bees need nectar to get through the day and how mi can judge when mi ave such a love of sweet honey? How me can be mad at the deities presenting dem real face to me? Me cyan not. at all. Cercee bush tea from Dok Brown and blue vervain 3 days in a row by the Rasta place colored by Izebo respected by many known by too few. Glass nah catch cold, only fingerprints which are wiped clean, at any rate. You know Algonquin or French only? Maternalistic influence and growth. 

Circles nah “close” and “open” that’s pagan magic talk. Circles are defined by those who draw them. Otherwise they exist simply as sunflowers and rosemary. 10 fingers and toes, long hair brown nose-me smell a rose. Gold can be traded for water and if you add fire and ground wheat you have bread but if you add fruit you have a meal so what reason you have for feeling cruel? Only none. Love each breath and they will happen easier. Assistance dere when dem ready but ‘or not’ I ex – or – cise all frequently and that’s my regimine so yes – I’m quite fit, thanx. Gold keys and copper alike open locks and if you find- create a loophole it must be Alkemy, magic at its best. Like tears are just salt water the stuff of oceans and air mixed. Like V.

Weird but not bugged.



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