Green is prevalent like horses and other imports. Evasive species not intentionally but due to extraordinary circumstances. What once was riverbed, rich, gurbeling and cool is now pebbles and stone – manufactured or so called synthetic, official Latin term ‘concrete’ like descendants of Crete, Mediterranean Isle of Gods. Con like condescend or talk down to like the lightening speaks to grass and all the world observes. This is science.  In desperate aware of their shortcomings, people of bad intent and little heart tore out their own skin, determined to find a quick solution – malfunctioning bodies preying upon Gods. In their filthy haste they got bacterias; the kind that formed into stench and sickness newly labelled “disease”. Jealousy is what we’ll call it, though. Or perhaps you know it as greed. Hm? Well it is a mind illness contracted by power seeking people of little patience or awareness or their actual surroundings. And it is terrible. A burden so outlandish many people went mad, spreading it anywhere they ran. Yes, it gives me a small shudder just to think of it.

The truth is though that the cure was and remains obvious to those who wish to see it and clear as water, too. Dogmatic religions would call for dramatic acts of repentance like throwing oneself on a spire, clawing out ones own flesh, wearing ashes in ones hand or going bald. How preposterous. When really all a body had to do is focus and become aware. “They” call “that” time.

I call it real. It’s something like conscience mixed with awarefulness and presence nicknamed ‘faith’.

So here I am in a grassy land formerly known as riverbed full of air or so called wind and such and manufactured stone.hm.
My jaw aches from years of clenching in a bad attempt to chomp down on a vision that will not be suppressed. II


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