mountain top

Like the “of the earth” variety and rich like ground soil, home to worms. Rogue tigers are all colors like zebras panthers polar bears and dingoes. The one I raised was gold like sand in sunshine or bricks of so I named her Dutchess a title Fergie adopted but I don’t worry over it. In all fact I admire performances that involving work ethic and … ah … so-called mutability. Like me in Black or in violet but not really in cashmere. Godfathers and fairy dust or trails but not the drug just patterns which resemble and still, at the same time, different to cycles. Agriculture like horticulture and the album C U L T U R E. skin tone changes by day and also generation so, to use a line unborrowed “don’t read too much into it.” Also, personallyperfectionist like 

“If your heart don’t break then how can you see what’s inside? Hmmm? Really. Life not Easy but English is British so this morning I drank 6 cups of tea that was black and made of coffee grinds hot water white sugar and almond milk a delicacy in truth. Vibes and flows. What’s “ebb” because a wave only builds to crash, recede, and return with more power to come further than the times before. What’s sand made of? Inquiring pens are dedicated to preservation at least of the ability to ask at all. I would rather to know Vangelo than Voltaire but that’s a personal refrain like ” I love summer” and “I itch once the mosquitoes bite”.

Blink, it’s a sermon unto herself. The universe doesn’t sleep but the moon is. Or- at least – meditating – or – at least – moving. How are statues immortal, they never change? And, deformed or not, remain the object of much adoration. How do you read when your eyes are tired and how do you swim on land?

GRAVITY. Like, for real-I saw a volcano erupt here there via a square crystal and some airwaves I utilize without seeing therefore the term “at face value” is, here at least, totally appropriate but also totally false. English invented a word for predicaments like this and it’s named oxymoron a silly word here used somewhat inappropriately but also with such relevance that Mormons got tongue-tied like cherry stems and border interogatees. A second chance is 33 with reckless attitudes or “youth”. Truely, I prefer an angel to none and I prefer the sunshowers but a waterfall can make me pause. Caffeine’s a hell of a drug still I prefer love still I prefer love. Still above. Still mean mug, still push-shore. Still dove. Still that’s a plug… presidents show love but presidents deplore hugs or may that verse a generalization be? Hm. Trust me. Trust me. Trust she. Trust we? Trust he? Trust me.
Expand but contract

after all the heart is




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